(BLOG) Week in Pictures: Aug 31, 2020

With Jackson Hole out of the way, global markets can get back to business, pricing in higher inflation and bidding up risk assets. What will cause a crack in momentum and valuations? It won’t be the Fed.
1.       Asset Class Monthly Returns
2.       Investors Abandon U.S. Dollar Longs
3.       U.S. Dollar Weakens Into Month End
4.       Energy Weight in S&P 500 at New Low
5.       Apple Hits New High, So Does its Valuation
6.       Breakeven Inflation Marches Higher
7.       Long-End Rates Rise in the U.S. and U.K.
8.       Credit Spreads Tighten as Fed Purchases Slow
9.       Election Odds Converging
10.     Polished Diamond Prices

Week in Pictures Aug 31, 2020