(BLOG) Week in Pictures: Sept. 8, 2020

Here is the latest Week in PIctures, covering the recent equity run-up to the highs and the subsequent hiccup. Last week saw the first wound inflicted in the lop-sided battle between valuations and liquidity. What’s next?

1.    Mixed Picture in Unemployment Data

2.    Reversal in Market Euphoria

3.    Liquidity Everywhere

4.    Equal Weight Indices Lag Market Cap Weight

5.    S&P 500 Sector Dispersion

6.    Stocks Higher, Volatility Higher?

7.    Negative Real Yields for Corporate Bonds

8.    Mortgage Delinquencies Rise

9.    House Prices on the Move

10.  Sky-High Airline Debt

…plus 15 must-see bonus charts.

Week in Pictures Sep 8, 2020 Week in Pictures Sep 8, 2020